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You Were Pre-Programmed For Success

This passage is one of the cornerstones and touchstones of my calling to public ministry. I find it remarkable that God can look at a person before his or her conception and initiate a relationship based upon His complete knowledge of said person. I believe that all of my existence and significance as an individual is linked to my living out what God has always known about me even before my conception much less as I resided in my mother’s womb. The fact that God chose me, set me apart and appointed me as a prophet to the nations in a manner reflective of Jeremiah’s ministry is humbling. It is also a transcendent truth that trumps all other unpleasant conditions, unfortunate obstacles and perplexing predicaments. God knows me. God chose me. God has set me apart for His own use. And God has equipped me to accomplish the unlikely and achieve the impossible. Nothing else matters - despite what I see on a daily basis on this guilty sod called earth.

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