Bible Study

Wednesdays from January 19th - March 2nd at 7 pm

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Let’s go deeper in the word together! 

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Reflection Questions

Week One: How did your family story influence how you engage conflict? 

Week Two: As you reflect upon yourself, how do you tend to engage in conflict with another person? Do you FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE, or FAWN?

Week Three: Consult 3 people and ask them what kind of animal you are in times of conflict: Shark, Fox, Turtle, Teddy Bear, or Owl. Ask them why they evaluated you in this manner.
Shark: “I win; you lose” (high-confronters)
Fox: “Everyone wins a little and loses a little” (low-confronters)
Turtle: “I withdraw” (high-avoiders)
Teddy Bear: “I lose so you can win” (low-avoiders)
Owl: “Let’s find a way for everyone to win” (collaborators)

Week Four: When in conflict with others, what do you tend to WANT most? How do you typically go about getting what you WANT?

Week Five: BE HONEST! What is more important to you - standing up for yourself and your goals or preserving relationships with others?

Week Six: